Anonymity Online

Hi reader, do you, like me, wish you could feel there isn't someone/something creeping over your shoulder constantly online?

I find it disheartening how challenging it has become to be anonymous online. I just not as simple as make a couple privacy related choices. There are many entities (whether individuals, business, or government) that gain money from you or influence over you from your data. And you must constantly be thinking about you're every move, to maintain anonymity. They hunt for your data, or perhaps get you signed up and engaged in an ecosystem when you're young and careless, and then later when you care its major hassle to leave.

A lot of us would really like to care, but, honestly, life is busy. We hardly have time to worry about it in our daily lives. How can we make a difference a lasting difference, when we don't have the time?

Many suggest enforcing laws, but we must be careful, we also want to maintain freedom. If we can change the culture and societal norms, then that's best. Perhaps the solution involves both. I just suggestion caution when it comes to laws. We need public pressure. who knows, maybe some boycotting. but both cost us time.

Really it's just too bad that there is soo much business around tracking us and selling our information! I do occasionally wish the various entinties suddenly lost interest in our data and left us alone. That is of course,. never going to happen. But I do feel a duty to support and encourage privacy practices wherever we might see it

Let me know about any groups that are worth supporting in the endeavour of anonymity online... or atleast limiting big data collection

It's been forever since I really fully tried anonymity. But I am now GPIO: the General Purpose Internet Operator.

We'll see how it goes.. and I'll keep you in the loop.